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Connection is 

The power of human connection is invariably our greatest collective asset, yet ultimately our most significant weakness in this conscious experience we call life. We are profoundly a social species that thrives off of interconnectedness and the ability to learn from our peers. Our educational offerings are uniquely designed to provide an avenue for relationship building and collaboration through thought provoking conversations with diverse industry leaders, advocates, medical professionals, researchers, and healers.

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The World of Psychedelics 

While there is still so much to discover in the world of psychedelics, hallucinogenic plant medicine has been used since the birth of civilization 12,000 years ago. In western medicine the notion that consciousness-related factors play a role in bodily health and ultimately the healing of disease was widely unaccepted and unexplored until recently when a convergence started to emerge. We are now entering into a time when the connections among religion, spirituality, health and healing are studied congruently, once again. The psychosomatic relationship between mental health and physical well-being is now widely embraced in 'normal' science. 

Innovation and creativity in research is the primary driver of this discussion and often promotes a respiritualization of medicine, if you will, favoring the ancient wisdom that the mind, body, and soul are interconnected. As psychedelics intersects with mainstream medicine, the responsibility of those leading these transformative discussions is beyond significant. It determines where we go from here. 

We envision a new strategy for health and healing. One that fosters enhanced collaborations, develops responsible business practices, builds diverse and inclusive networks of leaders, practices reciprocity to indigenous healers and ancestral wisdom, constructs patient and family-centered care models and shifts the current discussions from symptom resolution to transformational experience. 


Changing the future of mental and physical well being means thinking differently

With new perspectives that value curiosity, the body is more than an evolutionary biological entity. It is a profound intelligence that is transformative in nature. 

"No matter how technologically effective modern medicine may be, if it does not honor the place of meaning in illness it may lose the allegiance of those it serves." - Larry Dossey



Harrisburg, PA


Sol Pschedelphia was a celebration of the psychedelic revival in Philadelphia, centered around building community through education and the exchange of ideas around plant medicine, fungi and the use of psychedelics for holistic wellness. Aiming to restore balance to our mind, body, community and earth by igniting conversations about interconnectedness and expanding consciousness. visit for more information on the event

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